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We design and deliver dedicated IT solutions for enterprises operating primarily on the broadly understood logistics market, but we also deal excellently in the financial industry and human resource management, including work time accounting.

In addition, we deal with the integration of autonomous IT systems by creating communication B2B platforms for data exchange between business partners.

Our rules

Enter the data once

It is obvious that repeatedly entering the same data is not only a waste of valuable human resources, but also a potential risk of erroneous data in the system or failure to perform certain tasks on time.


IT systems are designed to support our work and not the other way round. That is why in our systems we focus on automating all those tasks carried out by the software, where it is only possible. And the user has only to supervise the processes and verify the result of the action.

The user first and foremost

This is another rule that we are sticking to. It is not us who will use our software, therefore in the process of its creation we engage its future users, because it is they who will show how to optimize the handling of tasks, which elements can and should be automated and where the system is to “watch” the user.

The process of creating the system


In order to receive a product tailored to your needs, we collect and analyze information with your participation to get as much data about the project as possible.


It allows us to quickly adapt to the customer’s environment and react in time to changes. We create test procedures to eliminate any errors.


During the work on the system, we consult you with solutions and ideas.
We work using the AGILE methodology.

Quality control

In order to eliminate all errors, we create personalized test procedures.


Analysis of the provided data and ongoing customer consultations allow us to provide a “tailored” system for specific requirements.


We offer constant care over products.
On request, we improve and expand the delivered solutions.

Why dedicated software


It is “made to measure” and contains only those functionalities that the recipient needs at any given time, nothing more.


The recipient has 100% influence on how the software implements the assumed functionalities – it is fully adapted to the recipient’s expectations.


It can “grow” with the company – it is “susceptible” to expansion and modification.
It can cost more than “off the shelf” software, but in the long run, the three main advantages compensate for the expenses incurred.

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